Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving feast - take 2!

As if one feast two days prior wasn't enough, the girls got together to celebrate our thankfulness! Our first one ever, it's definitely a tradition in the making! Everyone brought loads of yummy goodness and I think everyone also left with at least another meal or two :) A&S made the wonderful turkey (1st time ever - kudos!). T made bacon, onion, garlic mac & cheese. R made mashed taters with homemade gravy. D got fancy and made this proscuitto stuffing. S made pumpkin pie (I am now a pumpkin pie lover bc of her). K made this delightful ham and I approve cuz I'm not a big ham eater. L made a green bean casserole and yours truly made brown sugar walnut crispy candied yams! MmMmMmMmmmm! I think that's enough turkey and feasting for now... haha. And we polished it all off with beers, wine and Cranium!

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