Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ladies, let's do some damage!

It was another night of stuffing our faces with delish food. I might be talking like I'm complaining, but the fatty inside of me loved it! Everyone brought a dish and got super intimidated after seeing everything laid out. How were we going to handle all that food?? Luckily that did not seem to be a problem at all as dinner got under way. L & P brought their own versions of spinach & artichoke dip. S & H made a yummy sangria. K made cashew basil chicken - another successful recipe from Steamy Kitchen! R dug into her roots and made chicken adobo. It was bomb! And we discovered it was uh-MAZING with A's garlic mashed potatoes! Homegirl was putting a beating to those potatoes in the kitchen til K & R did an intervention :-p D made a roasted shitake mushroom risoto that was off the chain and had people fighting for leftovers! And last but not least, yours truly made asparagus with garlic and eggs over easy on top. It must be a sign when everyone got seconds/thirds and still continued to grub on even though we were full. To relieve some of that guilt, we worked it all off with Taboo. And what's a dinner without dessert? We topped off the X course meal (because I lost count) with some slow churned pumpkin ice cream. Yuh-Um!

 <3 good times

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